Online Jobs For Filipinos

10 Legit Work-From-Home Online Jobs in the Philippines

Losing control over your personal life? Or simply wanting to spice up your working experience and start working from home? Don’t worry, our definitive list of legitimate online jobs in the Philippines has got you covered!

Real Work-From-Home Online Jobs Filipinos Can Apply For

What is an “online job?”

Unlike conventional office jobs, you can find, apply for, and get hired for an online job just by getting on the Internet. The term also assumes that you’ll be working in an area other than a typical office premise.

What does it mean to “work from home”?

It basically means you can work in the comfort of your home. You can do so in bed, on your dining table, in the living room, etc.

Wherever there is an Internet connection, it can be your “workplace.”

It doesn’t strictly mean working inside your home.

Any place outside of your company’s office – coffee shops, public libraries, local parks – can also be considered working at home, too.

Work at home jobs typically require a stable Internet connection and a laptop (or computer). In a sense, your adherence to deadlines and good quality of output make up for your lack of physical presence in an office.

Some businesses, though, will still require you to be wholly active in their approved messaging apps for collaboration.

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What are the advantages of working at home?

(List below inspired by survey results conducted by Forbes)

  1. Increased Productivity and Focus

It’s easier to concentrate when you don’t have to deal with office gossip or the ridiculous singing of your co-worker every once in a while.

Working online jobs at home allows you to work at your own pace and setup.

You don’t have to worry much about bosses breathing down your neck, or getting envy with a workmate who did a day’s worth of work in just 3 hours.

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  1. No wasted time and money in traffic

There are three constants to every Filipino – death, taxes, and the ever-harassing EDSA traffic. Dubbed as having the third worst traffic in Southeast Asia, Metro Manila lets you experience the 66-minute traffic full of pollution, noise, and anxiety on a daily basis.

You can bid your adieu to heavy traffic with pursuing online jobs home based. Imagine time you spent in commute would have already been enough to finish some tasks at home. But instead, that time was spent staring at your equally frustrated fellow MRT commuter.

  1. You will save more money.

Since we took commuting out of the equation, you’re also saying goodbye to hefty gasoline and toll fees.

With no dress codes in place (you can work in your pajamas or sando), you can save too on laundry costs. Not to mention that you can fend off the temptation of dropping by at Jollibee or McDonald’s on your way home.

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  1. Work on your own hours

Sadly, the 8-to-5 office schedule doesn’t suit everybody.

Others perform at their best at the crack of dawn, while some are most productive at times of the night.

With work-from-home gigs, you can choose when to pause or resume working, provided that you meet the deadlines and the level of the quality your client is looking for.

This means that watching Kuya Cardo can give you some inspiration boost just before heading back to online job sites.

Be wary, though, that you still need to be active in messaging apps (e.g., Slack, Basecamp, Skype, etc.) set up by the company for collaboration, at all times.

  1. Work-life balance

Perhaps the greatest advantage lies in being able to attend family dinners consistently, or play with your kids any time of the day.

You get things done, with the least amount of compromise in your personal life.

This is largely owed to the hours you are avoiding spent in commute when you have a work-from-home job.

List of Real Online Jobs You Can Find In The Philippines

Below are 10 of the many work from home jobs Philippines has in store for Filipinos and foreign nationals alike.

(Salary figures are based on updated estimates published by PayScale as of March 2019).

  1. Virtual Assistant

Median Base Salary: P19,514 per month (P234,169 per year)


  • A High School graduate at least
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office programs
  • Commendable grammar, diction, and vocabulary (particularly for answering e-mail queries and following up on customer leads)
  • Great research skills, attentiveness to detail, and reliability

Job Description:

  • Performs admin tasks in behalf of the client (e.g., email handling, online research, slides creation, performance reports, advertising arrangements, basic customer service, overseeing of business website, etc.).
  • To say the least, you will function like an executive assistant, but remote.
  • Letting clients know the status of assigned tasks and reporting from time to time are essential traits of a trustworthy VA.

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  1. Website Content Writer

Median Base Salary: P19,618 per month (P235,416 per year)


  • A degree in Marketing, Advertising, or Literature gives strong consideration
  • Ability to craft online content in an engaging manner
  • Solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) background
  • Can deliver latest trends to targeted audiences
  • Compelling writing skills

Job Description:

  • Whether done part-time, full-time, this remote job focuses on providing relevant and insightful content to the client’s website.
  • Published content must help the site in its search engine marketing efforts in terms of ranking for specific keywords.

Just what makes a content writer great? Hear what Constant Content has to say.



  1. Work-at-home Customer Service Representative

Median Base Salary: P19,144 per month (P229,733 per year)


  • Above-average English speaking skills
  • Skill in resolving customer problems and queries
  • Satisfy customer concerns with adherence to company’s processes, guidelines, and policies.

Job Description:

  • Customer service reps usually take care of the phones. As one of the online jobs Philippines is known for, its primary task is to provide sound solutions and answers to various customer inquiries.
  • The customer service representative should utilize positive scripting, grasp of the great product knowledge, patience, and attentiveness when handing out optimal solutions.


  1. Online ESL Teacher

Median Base Salary: P15,494 per month (P185,926 per year)


  • English writing and speaking skills that are above-average
  • A degree in Education can prove to be advantageous
  • Decent Internet connection and a quiet working environment
  • Motivated to uplift others’ lives through teaching English

Job Description:

  • Known for their innate proficiency and patience, teaching ESL is one of the trademark home based jobs Philippines is known for.
  • An online English as Second Language or ESL teacher should display both positivity and passion when dealing with foreign students, while making sure that learning outcomes are met.


  1. Graphic Artist

Median Base Salary: P15,439 per month (P185,271 per year)


  • Adept at digital illustration and photo editing software such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Canva, etc.
  • Has a knack for creating logos, designs, layouts, motion graphics, UI/UX designs, and other forms of multimedia
  • Bachelor’s degree holder in Graphic Design or Multimedia Arts is usually prioritized.

Job Description:

  • Savvy with the visuals, a graphic artist is a vital piece in making engaging content (online or printed) for businesses.
  • He’s expected to be versatile and skillful on a wide array of graphic tools.


  1. Web Designer

Median Base Salary: P23,238 per month (P278,861 per year)


  • Skilled in Web design software like Dreamweaver or Adobe Photoshop
  • Well-versed in web languages such as PHP, MySQL, Javascript, Flash, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Web Design or Computer Science is preferred

Job Description:

  • Web designers typically work in a company’s IT or marketing department, if not with IT consulting agencies.
  • They’re tasked to bank on their creative and technical know-how to produce websites that are aesthetically pleasing and technically sound.

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  1. Film / Video Editor

Median Base Salary: P20,168 per month (P242,019 per year)


  • Ability to turn a set of raw videos into a compelling finished product ready for online distribution
  • Familiar with Adobe Premiere, After Effects, and present-day video editing software like DaVinci Resolve, Lightworks, Shotcut

Job Description:

  • Editing and adding further value to raw footage are the primary tasks.
  • Must work closely with the film producer or director to make sure that the output is parallel to what they envisioned.

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  1. Sales Account Executive

Median Base Salary: P19,442 per month (P233,306 per year)


  • Possesses strong communication and negotiation skills in a business landscape
  • Savvy with crunching up sales numbers for reporting
  • Strong builder of client relationships

Job Description:

  • With the warmth and professionalism of its people, this is one of the online jobs Philippines can really bank on.
  • New client generation, together with the ability to persuade existing ones to sign new deals, is of utmost importance.
  • As the point of contact for clients, a sound sales account executive must establish best practices and resolve customer grievances in a timely manner.


  1. Quality Analyst (QA)

Median Base Salary: P25,123 per month (P301,478 per year)


  • A holder of a technical or business degree
  • Has superb grasp of statistical and sampling techniques, methodologies in quality analysis, and knowledge of machinery and various manufacturing technologies
  • Ability to improve existing processes, tools, and workflows, or develop a new one

Job Description:

  • Checks the adherence of finished goods or services to industry codes and company standards.
  • Reviews and develops internal processes for possible improvement.
  • May audit and conduct performance reviews to key personnel or the product itself when necessary.


  1. Application Developer

Median Base Salary: P35,609 per month (P427, 305 per year)


  • A holder of a Computer Science degree is prioritized
  • Intense coding and design capabilities

Job Description:

  • The digital age paved way to this work at home Philippines job. An application developer’s work is frequently tied up with a computer analyst’s and an engineer’s.
  • Expected to be well-versed with programming languages like C++, Java, or Oracle, they’re hired to help the company’s pursuit of creating engaging and profitable desktop and mobile software.

Online Job Sites That Offer Work-From-Home Employment


No sites list about home-based online job can be made without including Upwork.

Whether you’re a rookie or an expert in your craft, Upwork’s reach of almost 2 million clients will surely have the ‘right gig’ for you. Browse through a wide range of short- and long-term projects, and fixed or hourly deals.


Besides it global reach of clienteles, this platform sizzles the way you do project bidding – through contests. It’s an exciting way to demonstrate your skills and get noticed by clients.



Often viewed as just a marketplace for buying and selling various stuff you’re no longer using, Craigslist is an underrated platform for finding easy-to-complete freelance tasks.



  1. Freelance Writing Jobs

AKA the Holy Grail of work-from-home writers and editors, FWJ not only provides daily doses of writing prospects, but also industry updates and vital job hunting tips.



Built for the online creatives (e.g., photographers, video editors, writers, etc.), your visibility and online presence in Fiverr increase as you accumulate completed jobs from satisfied clients.



This online site is best for web developers, SEO practitioners, and other folks who specialize in web-based projects that are fit for remote work.



This platform is less saturated compared to other online job sites, meaning there’s less folks who low-ball project prices, allowing you to effectively bid based on your qualifications and selling points.

With over $250M paid to ‘gurus’ and a pretty straightforward hiring method, it’s an underrated site.


When properly utilized, the social media giant can be goldmine of work-from-home jobs too. By keying in pertinent word phrases like “work from home jobs Philippines” or “legit online jobs philippines” a plethora of search results may amaze you.

Keep in mind though to scout the truthfulness of the job post first before committing – there’s a lot of scammers out there, even on Facebook.


There’s no better way to break cultural and communication barriers when finding remote work than to get a Filipino client also.

This site also allows work-from-home seekers to collaborate with fellow Filipinos in jointly improving their craft through online workshops or seminars.


Besides providing quality project leads, 99Designs lets Filipinos who have a knack for graphic design to further their craft through design contests and feedback mechanisms from clients.


Frequently Asked Questions

How many companies allow working from home in the Philippines?

As of posting date, not much. But with Pres. Duterte’s signing of the R.A. 11165 or also known as “An Act Institutionalizing Telecommuting as an Alternative Work Arrangement for Employees in the Private Sector,” telecommuting can finally be established as a feasible working arrangement option in large companies.

Can you make money instantly by working from home?

There are several factors to consider – your skill level, dedication, and working essentials.

The higher your skill level is, the more prospect employers and projects you can attract.

Meanwhile, if you aren’t locked in with the idea of working from home every day, your productivity and enthusiasm may decrease, which ultimately leads to less money earned.

Working essentials (e.g., established payment method, reputable profile, etc.), on the other hand, may set you back for a couple of days or weeks, but will surely pay later on.

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Overall, there’s good money to be made with work from home jobs Philippines has to offer.

With a great deal of patience and perseverance, you can work your way from mundane, low-paying jobs to highly sustainable ones – especially the ones we mentioned that let you work from home.

How did you start your work-from-home career? Do you have pieces of advice to fellow Pinoys who are considering jumping from their corporate jobs to working remotely?

Enlighten us in the comments below!

But first, a bonus video. Enjoy!


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