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List of Legit Online Typing Jobs at Home

Where to find Online Typing Jobs At Home

Quick fingers aren’t just for chatting, browsing, or playing video games. You can actually monetize this skill through home based typing jobs part time or full time.

Word processors and typists were typically paid $13.02 – $27.93 per hour in 2018, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Of course, those amounts will be relatively smaller for Filipino freelancers, but it can still be a lucrative job or a solid source of supplementary income.

Filipinos seeking legitimate online typing jobs will benefit from the fact that most of these can be done at any time, if not in the client’s time zone.

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Legit Online Typing Jobs at Home For Filipinos


If you have good ears and decent typing speed, data transcription is one of the legitimate data entry jobs home can offer to you.

A transcriptionist listens to audio files like phone calls and podcasts, then types exactly what he hears on a word processor. To excel in this field, you need to understand variety of accents, and you must have minimal errors.

You must also be sensible enough to spot noises, overlapping conversations, and other sources of sound.

And since your work will typically form part of your client’s information database, you must strive to keep typos and other mistakes at the bare minimum.

What you need to start: Working computer, speedy Internet access for audio file downloading and collaboration, transcription software (often suggested by the client), and quality headphones/earphones.

Data Entry

If you type really fast with great accuracy, one of the simpler online jobs at home is data entry.

Typically, you will be instructed to input data on a spreadsheet or system, in a specified manner. For instance, compensation figures of employees, product barcodes, list of suppliers, etc.

Most clients will automatically assume that you’ll verify the correctness and soundness of data; some may even require you to do research.

Data entry gigs are one of the best part time jobs online for students because these do not require a college diploma.

But higher forms of it like in the field of medicine or law require thorough certifications and educational attainment.

What you need to start: You will need a decent desktop or laptop. If it’s the latter, make sure you have a portable number pad available (since figures are very likely to be encoded).

A speedy Internet access surely helps for uploading system or spreadsheet changes, while Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, and even Google Sheets are definite must-haves.

Virtual Assistant

VAs provide support function to their clients. A huge part of it involves data entry.

For instance, a client may require you to organize and sort out data in a spreadsheet, or you may be tasked to update inventory lists and input them into the client’s system.

You surely won’t get fed up with the number of tasks within the scope of being a VA. Data entry paired with research and collection makes the job more interesting.

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Typing is also involved in add-on jobs like content writing, e-mail and social media management. Being adept in those disciplines will likely boost your pay as a VA.

What you need to start: As a VA, you will need to have great attention to detail and a heart for instruction. You need to be versatile as well with the number of responsibilities you may be entrusted.

Now depending on the nature of your tasks (e.g., typing captcha, social media optimization, etc.), a personal computer with reliable Internet connection is a must.

A private and quiet working place is ideal for focusing if you’re planning to start working from home today, while common VA software tools like Hubstaff, Dropbox, Skype, and Google Calendar should be readily available.

(Note: You can charge up to 30% more if you’re a private virtual assistant than if you’re outsourced by a VA company.) Also read: How To Get An Online NBI Clearance

Other Typing Jobs

Small and mundane typing jobs that can be completed in a heartbeat are called microtasks. These are basic tasks like penning a short paragraph, updating a person’s CV, or writing out a brief audio file.

Whatever it is, it cannot be automated by a computer, and you can surely accomplish it during your idle time. To book typing jobs from home, you can find them on microtask sites like Craigslist.

Captioning and subtitling, meanwhile, have the aim of aiding audiences watching a video who are deaf and non-speakers of the language, respectively.

To thrive in these fields, you must have great typing speed and acuity, especially when doing real-time captioning. Knowledge in stenography is also very ideal (i.e., rapid writing that utilizes symbolic writing than the common method).

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Where to find Online Typing Jobs At Home

Where to Find Online Typing Jobs?

Filipinos looking for online typing jobs free registration guaranteed can find a treasure trove in the following websites:

The premier online jobs board in the Philippines can be a good source of daily typing jobs.

Narrow your search by entering “typing” in the keyword search, or selecting ‘Virtual Assistant’ and ‘Data Entry’ in the Category and Sub Category section respectively.


Facebook LogoWhen utilized correctly, this social media platform can definitely supply you with an online typing job daily payment that is assured.

Use keywords like “data entry” and “typing jobs” in the search bar to unravel results. You can also join fellow Filipino typists in groups like Online Filipino Freelancers and Freelance Jobs Philippines.

But of course, exercise caution when looking for prospect typing jobs through Facebook. If possible, look for direct clients and not agencies.


Craigslist LogoIf you take the time to search thoroughly, you will realize that a number of quality typing jobs are hidden in Craigslist.

Such are labelled as “Remote” or “Home-based,” and you will need to reply via e-mail to send your formal application and qualifications.

As a wrap-up, typing jobs are basic yet they require diligence, since you will be dealing with delicate client information.

Wpm (words per minute) isn’t everything, but it takes dedication too.

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Care to share your experience with typing jobs? Feel free to enlighten us in the comments section below!

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