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How to Get Clients Online For Your Freelance Business

How To Get More Clients and Customers Online

An online part time job for students like content writing, transcribing, or image editing isn’t a cakewalk. It requires a particular skill set and is often exposed to fierce competition. 

But to thrive in freelancing, you need to know how to get your first client – in order to get more clients.

Below are some golden tips to help you succeed in what seems to be an online tug-of-war for clients. 

Be a little aggressive with referrals

Referrals are a surefire way to obtain new clients. In online jobs for students, nothing beats word-of-mouth marketing, especially when it’s coming from your genuinely satisfied clients. 

In spite of this, don’t be too passive when it comes to referrals. Request them. 

Think of 3-4 clients you had a recent impressive stint with, and email them. Your message should be short and direct while highlighting that you had a great time working with them. 

I always used this message format and it worked wonders for me:

Hi (insert client name),

What’s happening with (company name) these days? I just want you to know that my time there was really a bliss and I’d really love to hear some updates. 

Also, I’m searching for new clients to collaborate with. Can you link me to some of your connections that may be needing my services? 

Thanks a lot. 

-Moises Jerome

Change the way you think about networking events

Landing online part time jobs for students is a competition. So why attend a freelancing seminar that’s filled with folks hungry for clients?

Well, not everyone in that room is a freelancer. There may be ‘connectors’ too who are scouting for potential people to introduce to their client network.

If you spot one, here’s a good line:

Hi, if you’re familiar with someone who may be needing content writing services, hit me up. I’ll leave you with my card.”

Meanwhile, you can also team up with freelancers from different specializations. For instance, an SEO specialist may need your services in building up a website’s content. 

Just be aware and take advantage of the audience presented to you when you attend an event. 

Provide prospective clients with value-rich emails

This is a Forbes advice that all online job seekers, including beginners, should emulate. 

At times, people won’t hire your services because things are doing well or they haven’t found the need for what you offer yet. 

It’s not the end of the line though. Choose to be in contact (by email) and forward things that you believe are beneficial to that person. 

For instance, it can be upcoming online training, industry news, trends, and practices, and of course, invaluable testimonials from your present clients

Getting Clients for your Business

You can say, “I find this recent Google algorithm update affecting tons of websites today.” 

At the right time, such potential clients may eventually see what you can truly offer and ultimately lead to signing. Definitely an investment to consider.

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Join and participate in Facebook groups

The social media giant expanded the leads available for online job hunters. 

Online Filipino Freelancers, Freelance Jobs Philippines, and Freelance Writing Jobs are examples of Facebook groups that have lots of daily engagements. 

But comment not only on job posts. Position yourself as an expert too by adding value to other members:

  • Give your best advice on confused/troubled job seekers. 
  • Start intelligent conversations (e.g., POV of members regarding issues, etc.)
  • Offer free consultation for newbies.

When potential clients see this proactive side of yours, together with your crème de la crème portfolio, you’re certainly leaving a good impression. 

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