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4 Freelance Writing Tips To Avoid Scams

4 Freelance Writing Tips To Avoid Scams

As per PayScale, an average freelance writer earns $23.9 per hour. Newbie online writers like students get a lower rate, but it can still prove helpful for paying rent and tuition.

Filipino students can find solace in freelance writing, especially because it can be done remotely. 

With the Philippines’ minimum wage going as low as $9.78 (Php 500 per day), freelance writing can offer uncapped earning potential. 

But is there something worse than sticking with the minimum pay? Of course, and it’s not getting paid at all. 

Unfortunately, the freelance writing world is filled with dishonest, non-paying crooks that victimize innocent writers. 

4 Helpful Tips for Students To Avoid Writing Scams


Research the Client

1. Research the client

Online jobs for students like content writing require awareness. 

Before accepting any work from a client, it’s imperative to run a Google search to verify his reputation. Oftentimes, getting scammed happens when you fail to devote 10-20 minutes in researching your client. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does his business have a legitimate website?
  • Is he not in the blacklist of most writing groups?
  • Do clients and employees have good stuff to say about him? 

If the answer to all is a staggering NO, and it turned out that most reviews are negative, then shy away from that person. 

By researching a client, you’ll also know if you are a great fit for the business’ niche or nature. 


Stay away from jobs demanding free samples

2. Stay away from jobs demanding free samples

Your blog, guest posts, and writing portfolio all aim to show potential clients a glimpse of your writing skills. 

If they feel that your skill and style will translate well into the kind of writing they need, then they’ll hire you. 

With this, ignore clients that ask you to write free samples. Such folks are often scammers who’ll reject your application later on while keeping your work for their own benefit. 

Remember that a genuine client respects the effort. He’ll offer something like a below-market-rate for your time in doing the sample. 


Beware of auditioning

3. Beware of auditioning

There are many writing job posts that guarantee an influx of high-paying gigs if you satisfy their criteria. 

Most of the time, you’ll be pressed to write up to 20 high-quality articles so they can “check on your speed and writing skills.” 

Little did you know that the promise of ongoing and profitable work was just a bait to lure you into writing a batch of cheaply paid articles. 

As much as you can, shun writing mills. Serious clients will only need one or two sample articles from you, and they’ll pay it at a justifiable – or slightly discounted – rate. 


Always utilize milestone payments

4. Always utilize milestone payments

Freelance writing, as an online part-time job for students, requires being on your guard always.

In terms of payments, it’s ideal to be paid by milestones. It’s the most secure form (compared to advanced payments and post-writing payments) since you’re compensated in terms of progress. 

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Online job sites like Freelancer and Upwork serve as an escrow for milestone payments so don’t forget this arrangement. 

Only after you built trust and relationship with your client can you consider being paid post-service. 


You can’t stop deceitful people online from doing their schemes, but you can surely protect yourself with vigilance and due care. In fact, most red flags in freelance writing jobs are apparent (e.g., abysmal grammar, unrealistically high rates, etc.) yet many folks still fall for those. Online part time jobs for students including freelance writing, nevertheless, require being rational and conscientious. 


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