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List of Online ESL Teaching Websites in the Philippines

ESL Teaching Websites

In 2015, around 1.7 billion people around the globe were learning English as a second language according to CEFR Language Exam Resource Centre.

Now think of the number of teachers required to fill that demand. ESL companies will need to hire at least 100,000 English instructors every year.

English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction is seen as a $63 billion-per-year industry, which is why exam suppliers like IELTS and Cambridge continue to increase their business and domain.

ESL and the Opportunity for Filipinos

ESL involves teaching the English language to non-native speakers. Such folks may reside in a country where the language is secondary but is still of utmost importance.

For Filipinos, this means teaching opportunities. As one of the best English-speaking countries in Asia, nations like Japan, Korea, and China will look to us for learning.

What It Takes to Be an Online ESL Teacher in the Philippines?

Majority of ESL companies in the Philippines will require you to:

ESL Teacher Philippines

  • Be a college graduate
  • Have excellent communication skills (preferably in plain English)
  • Teach at selected times of the day (at night or morning depending on the country’s time zone)
  • Have reliable high-speed Internet connection (minimum of 3 mbps, DSL or Fiber) and working computer
  • Have a quiet teaching background
  • Have a passion for changing the lives of others through teaching
  • Do you check all the boxes? Then, great! You’re ready to begin your journey to start working from home.

List of companies that offer ESL Teaching Jobs in the Philippines


Weblio English Teaching JobsWeblio employs Philippine ESL teachers to educate Japanese kids through their learning platform, WebRTC. This ESL Philippines company has peak hours of 8AM-5PM (PH time) which is great.

Teaching experience isn’t also a requirement as per their site, though you must possess at least a Bachelor’s or College degree in any field to apply.

Weblio offers a maximum earning potential of 150 PHP/hour, or up to P35, 000 monthly.

Your income largely depends on the number of 25-minute lessons you finish. Take note that you have to submit student evaluation and lesson reports after each session, so you need to manage your time carefully.

Also, be prepared to present your Tax Identification Number (TIN), BDO or BPI savings account, and Internet connection with 3mbps of download speed for a smooth application.


51Talk Teach English OnlineIn terms of online teaching jobs Philippines has to offer, 51Talk is probably the most legit. Looking for other legit easy online jobs?

First off, it’s an NYSE-listed company that has 1 million registered students. It has over 10,000 teachers world-wide too, and featured on reputable brands like CNN and The Philippine Star.

51Talk caters to Chinese students, and peak hours are from 7pm – 11pm during weekdays and 9am – 11pm during weekends.

One class lasts for 25 minutes, and a teacher is required to at least render 30 hours of peak time monthly.

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Meanwhile, teaching certifications like TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA can certainly enhance your application. In terms of pay, most employees admired 51Talk’s competitive pay and bonus structures, but hated the large deductions imposed on absences.


RareJob Teach English Online PhilippinesFor ESL jobs Philippines seekers, RareJob is another decent online company to consider.

Its founder, Kato-san, saw the potential of linking Filipino tutors and Japanese English learners back in 2007, and since then, more than 15 million lessons were produced.

RareJob offers flexible teaching schedules. One great thing about them is that there is no minimum teaching hours needed.

They also have a stable number of Japanese students that need teaching, so you can feel more confident and secured.

RareJob provides premium workshops and vacation incentives to its 10,000 Filipino tutors. It’s their way of rewarding them for a job well done, and to even make them better educators.

Peak hours though start from 6 pm – 12 midnight. Read more: How To Get An NBI Clearance Online


FunnyEdu English Teaching JobsFunnyedu offers one of the highest paying online English teaching jobs Philippines has in store.

It gives out a base hourly rate of P180-250, which is paid at the 2nd week of the month through your BDO savings account.

However, to apply, you must be a Filipino female having at least a neutral accent. A four-year degree course and an age minimum of 21 years are also required.

You’ll be teaching Korean adults, so teaching hours are fixed from 6-11 in the evening. Funnyedu also requires 3mbps of Fiber Internet speed as the minimum.


eigox english teacher jobs philippinesEigox is an online English language school for Japanese students. They are frequently looking for global instructors to help them with their mission.

Like earlier websites, an Eigox lesson lasts for 25 minutes and schedules can be plotted flexibly.

What’s interesting is that students can choose a particular learning method: textbook-based (formal English rules), free talk (dialogue exchange), or with free online materials.

For Filipinos and other non-native tutors, pay per lesson is between 160-600 Yen (P76.03 – P285.11).

However, take note that for the first ten lessons of newly hired tutors, only 50% of the pay rate will be given (to somewhat test teaching abilities and compliance).

Monthly payments will be made to your PayPal account. Meanwhile, you must accomplish a review of the lesson within 24 hours.

But overall, Eigox is one of the better online teaching jobs Philippines gives out to newbies.

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Bizmates Philippines Online ESLAdvertised as the “No. 1 Online Business English School in Japan,” Bizmates aims of “bringing the Asian business community together” by educating Japanese professionals with English for business.

It offers an attractive pay of P140-P230 per hour, but their requirements are strict.

First, you must be at least 23 years old and a holder of a Bachelor or Associate degree from a renowned college. Work hours, meanwhile, are from 4 am – 9 am, and 9 pm – 12 midnight during weekdays.

Though particular with the selection of their candidates, Bizmates allows motivated and goal-driven individuals to teach English online Philippines rewardingly.

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The above-mentioned company websites are just some of the many online teaching jobs Philippines possesses. More than your linguistic ability, what these companies value is an instructor’s dedication, passion for teaching, and availability.

Care to share your ESL teaching experiences? Don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below!


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